Thumbnail View

Thumbnails shows several pictures at once in the viewing area. The currently selected picture has a pink background and is red in the file list. Unlike other thumbnail views, JIBS does not create any thumbnail files or directories on your computer. The thumbnails are all created dynamically. Because of this, the speed will not be as great as with programs that store thumbnails on your hard drive. See end of this page for a suggestion on speed up the thumbnail view.


You can rotate images in the thumbnail view and then save them. Image which have been rotated and not saved are marked with light green boxes in the upper left and lower right corners.

Before saving, read the EXIF warning.             

If you rotate your camera pictures in the main viewer and save them, the metadata (EXIF) information which your camera stored with the picture will be lost. This does not affect the image quality, but could make it harder for some image manipulation programs to automatically enhance your pictures quality. It also make it impossible to rename the file using the EXIF information. So do renames before doing rotations.   


Selection View then Thumnail Options from the menu will let you set the number of pictures to display.  Select picture determines which cell will be the pink currently selected picture.

Select Picture Key press operations (insert, delete) work on currently selection pictures. In thumbnails, this is shown in pink. You can pick whatever picture on the thumbnail display to be the default currently selected picture.
Number of pictures to preload Thumbnails will try to load pictures into memory before you look at them. So while you are looking at early pictures, later pictures are loading. Increase this number if you have more memory. To high a number for your memory may mean that pictures at the end are in memory while the next picture you got to look at has been removed from memory to make room for pictures at the end.