Displaying Picture Information

JIBS will display metadata about picture. At a minimum, JIBS will display name, size, date last modified, and the size of the image. If the picture has EXIF metadata stored in it, JIBS will display that also. The EXIF information shown depends on the camera taking the picture and the software the picture has been edited with. All modern digital cameras include EXIF information with the picture. EXIF information can be used to enhance the printing and manipulation of the picture. Image manipulation software may strip out or modify this information. To see the metadata, either right click on the picture to bring up the EXIF popup or activate the EXIF panel. Unfortunately JIBS can not write EXIF information. So saving a picture in JIBS will cause the EXIF information to be lost. This is further explained in the EXIF Settings. JIBS will give you a warning on saving if the pictures you are saving have EXIF information. The warning can be turned off in settings.

EXIF Popup

Right-click on a picture to display this popup.

EXIF Panel

By default, the EXIF Panel is not shown. Go to EXIF Settings to turn on the display. You have to restart JIBS for the EXIF panel to appear.

Here is what the panel looks like if the image has no EXIF information.

Here is what the panel looks like if the picture has EXIF information.