JIBS Contact Sheet


Contact Sheet lets you save to PDF or JPEG a set of thumbnails for the pictures you are currently viewing. Pictures are show sorted by name, case insensative.

  1. Use the File List to select the files you want on the Contact Sheet.
  2. Select Contact Sheet from the File mneu.
  3. Adjust the options.
  4. Save your Contact Sheet!

Opening Contact Sheet

From the File menu select Contact Sheet.


Use Selected Files Contact sheet will show all the files currently selected in the viewer.
Use Shown Files Contact sheet will show all the files currently being displayed in the viewer whether or not selected.
Use Directory Contact sheet will show pictures from the selected directory. Subdirectories are not shown unless the "Use Sub Directories" box is checked.
Start of file name Only applies if you save to JPEG using the "Save" button. Each JPEG file will start with this name followed by the page number.
Directory Only applies if you save to JPEG using the "Save" button. JPEG files will be saved in this directory.


Rows Number of rows to show.
Columns Number of columns to show.
Show File Name Show the name of each file below the picture.
Number Pictures Print the number of the picture in front of the picture.
Show File Size Show pixels in the picture an the size of the file.
Size of Frame Size of the frame to put around each picture in pixels. Zero means no frame.
Size of Shadow Size of drop-shadow for each picture in pixles. Zero means no drop shadow.
Image Quality Different algoritms for shrinking the picture.
Image DPI The higher the DPI, the better quality of the picture when printed and the greater the file size.


Show Lines Use a one pixel line to separate header and footer from main display.
Left, Center, Right Text to be shown in the header and footer.


Select the desired fonts.


Select the appropriate colors.


If you see the path to the PDF viewer, the viewer will be brought up after creating a PDF file.