I’m Back!

I finally decided to bring the website for JIBS into the modern world!

My code is written in Java.  Java uses reverse package names to prevent naming conflicts.  So, years ago, I owned gerhard.org for that purpose.  After I released JIBS, I used JIBS.US as my website to more closely aligned with that one product.  This year I have finally gotten around to breaking it up from one big fat delivery into several smaller products.  The big new product on the block is JRAT.  So JIBS.US isn’t cutting it anymore.  Luckily, I was able to reacquire gerhardb.org, so here I am!!  The old site is still up for the moment, so if you want to see what that looks like, go to: JIBS.US.  Once I get everything moved over, I will do a redirect from JIBS.US to here and then the old site will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Speaking of dustbins, I was thinking of moving my old blog posts over to here.  And I realized that I hadn’t blogged since 2014!!  Stuff changes quickly and while some of the old materials is still useful, it’s just not worth moving to here.  So, if you want to read my old blog posts, they are at: gerhardbjibs.blogspot.com
Anyway, it’s a blast getting this new website up and running and learning all about WordPress and its 55,000 plugins.  This is way better than editing HTML and CSS like I did for my old site. Glad to be back!!

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