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JIBS - Java Image Browser and Sorter

A full-featured Java Image Viewer...
A full screen slide show...
Creates thumbnail indexes/contact sheets...

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JRAT - Java Rate Tag and Search

Tag and rate the media files on your hard drive

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Welcome to Gerhard's website!

2018 is the twentieth anniversary of my initial foray into Java programming.  My first real program was an image browser for the files on my hard disk.  In 2001 I released that program on SourceForge as JIBS – the Java Image Browser and Sorter.  In 2015 I decided to learn JavaFX, that being the cool thing Java was moving to at the time.  So I created JRAT – Java Rate and Tag.  This would let me tag and rate file on my hard drive.  I also added a few other items over the years. This year I decided it was time to upgrade to a more modular structure and to bring my website up to date.  So here it is!